US gov wanting to ban tiktok is just funny.

Personal case for generics in golang 

With generics, both of these situations can be avoided. We can use the original slice without having to use reflection, leading to better performance both cpu and memory-wise.

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Personal case for generics in golang 

a slice of a certain type cannot be converted to an interface slice. This can lead to GC issues through having to copy each value over to the new interface slice, effectively ignoring the original slice.

A way to remove the GC issues is to use the reflect package and loop through the original slice that way, but that requires using the reflect package, which can lead to bad and/or slow code.

I've done it. I'm fighting the golang garbage collector.

I love it when a number of optimizations to my gmcts repo results in faster code execution for multiple games except for chess. 👍

I kind of like this rule. It's analogous to check in chess. You get the chance to force your opponent to make a move that they may not want to do.

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TIL in checkers, if you can make a capture action, you must take that action.

With this information, I was able to increase the speed of my checkers engine by almost an order of magnitude! (O_O)

@bonbon This is the same tech that translated "out of sight, out of mind" as "blind idiot". 🙂

Stockfish 1 is a little bitch that takes your time

time to learn how to efficiently turn checkers into a series of bitwise operations.

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Amazing to see your checkers engine being slower than someone else's chess engine.

sucks because the one I'm looking at is stupid fast, but it I can only tell if a team is in check or not.

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Imagine making a chess engine, only to not include a way to check if the game is over.

Build an AI to classify foods as sandwich or not. Only then can we get a satisfactory answer as to what a hot dog is.

Monte-Carlo Tree Search implementation in golang. The g stands for whatever you want it to mean.

Stuff really gets complicated when you have floats going into the quadrillions.

Update: Was able to my code work even faster without any changes to the api or tests!!! Oh that's great!

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