My 11-year old netbook isn't totally useless. 

Works for

some web-based

(can't use Spotify)


Not the best for videos/movies, but it's not meant for serious viewing, just as background noise/entertainment. I really only care for decent-enough . 👍

Of course, due to its ancient specs, it's best to not on it. CPU usage easily goes over 90%. ?

Philippines #covid19 numbers as of yesterday: 

91.2% mild cases, 👌
7.5% asymptomatic,
0.7% severe and
0.6% critical.

Would be wonderful if numbers for Severe and Critical went down further, down to zero. And no more Deaths due to , please. 🙏

Our country's own -- former police officer, mayor, and senator -- passed away yesterday at the age of 90. Yeah. Blame the virus.

I slept almost 6 hours last night. 😲

Me thinks the cool rainy 🌧️ weekend helped.
Back to work tonight.
No sleeping till tomorrow morning.
(Maaaaaybe I'll nap before dinner time.)

Asia partial coronavirus stats... 

Cases: 55k
Cases per 1 million: 9k++
Population: 5.5M
Infected: 1%

Cases: 129k++
Cases per 1 million: 1k+
Population: 103M
Infected: 0.13% ✅

Source: Covid bot on Discord

What the heck do they mean "the Philippines is a for "??! They* should talk. 😠

Unbelievable. 🙄

Tried listening in to Sesion de Lectura on . Unsuccessful. :-( Audio was too choppy. Hardly audible at times. Definitely no good for Movie Night. *sigh*

Worked okay when I tried watching a lengthy video -- though once in a while it would semi-freeze due to loading. I didn't check/change the video resolution setting. 🙄

Was really hoping to use it with Discord web . 😞

Advice, anyone?

I slept 4 hours this morning. 😲
Interrupted, yes.
Just briefly.

Then woke up with no alarm
and felt like I was done sleeping.
Not feeling like I wanna sleep more
or stay in bed longer.

So... No matter.
I'm counting that as 4
and I'm considering it good. 🙃

So I don't know much about and terminal commands and all that techie jazz.

But I do see one ☝️ big advantage in installing using the terminal window: I get none of the misleading images, buttons and links common on many download sites that try to trick you into clicking on their download "buttons", making you think that they're the way to get your .

None of those trickster that pretend to be a legit part of the page or article that you're viewing! 😜👍

Lyrics. Belinda Carlisle's "A Prayer For Everyone" 

Every child deserves love
A safe place to run & play
Every man deserves a chance
To bring home a decent pay
Every race is equal
Beloved in God's eyes
When I see discrimination
My soul cries

Say a prayer for the lonely
A prayer for the confused
Say a prayer of you'd only
For the secretly abused
Say a prayer for the newborn
With battles to be won
Say a prayer for the tired & worn
Say a prayer for everyone


Hope everybody makes it thru this pandemic. Healthwise & financially. 🙏 

Can't complain. I'm fine. Thank God for His provisions: my savings & new job.

I never got government aid. Not the national government's fault. If anything, it's corruption/negligence at the community/neighborhood level.

It's ok. Better than receiving aid... is not really needing it. I just have to budget.

Others have it hard. Fortunately they do get help from the gov't.

It's Tuesday morning and I had to step out quickly to go around the corner and get a new to replace the one issued in March. It's been tweaked. Now it specifies the days and time I can go out and is color-coded.

I can only go out to buy supplies on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays between 5AM and 1:30PM. I guess the key thing here is to limit the number of people that are out and about at any given time. Business hours are limited too.

After digging up my old now running with , I am reminded how much I don't appreciate glitchy . It kept saying something was wrong with the new open tab/window and won't let me browse more than one website. 🙄

Pleased to say that although I don't understand and those commands enough, I managed to install via the terminal thingy. 💃

Next: Check out distros more suitable for and Intel .

Oh, and the netbook is still good! 😃👍

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Watching the news now.

Looks like I did right planning to for as long as I can manage -- till September.

They've just announced that we're going under Modified Enhanced Community (MECQ). Extra strict. Only the essentials allowed. It starts tonight midnight.

Good thing I already bought my medicines and got my haircut. 🙃

Hoping to listen in when there's a Sesión de Lectura running on , which happens while I'm working.

Don't want to use main 🖥️ nor main 📱 for that -- not while I'm working.

The old Cubot 📱 with the bad 🔋 is out of commission til I sort out the power.

My ancient iPad won't run Discord. Not the app nor via browser.

So I took out my even-more-ancient -- it had but now has .

Slow but, oh my goodness, I can access Discord with it! 😆

does it again. I try to send 1 and it tells me I should give a and they'll send a code. So I did. But still I can't send email and I get the same page asking for my number. And then again. And now it says I've tried too many times and that I can try again tomorrow.

So if it was an urgent email I'm trying to send I'm doomed to waiting till tomorrow or will have to use another email account.

Yeah. I'll be using another email account. 😠

My crappy old (that I couldn't find a replacement for) is always plugged in whenever I use it, otherwise it shuts down after a few seconds. The swollen battery has gotten even bigger/worse now. One end is popping out. (I got double-sided tape under it so it stays in place.)

Can't use the phone plugged in without the battery in there, but maybe this is dangerous? 🤔

I use it as a webcam. I'd like to keep using it. But what to do with about battery?

#Windows #network #tech question: 

Any idea why the in the task bar would turn into the globe "Not Connected" icon 🌐🚫
the status to appear connected to the router but having "No internet"
I can surf the web ⁉️ (really)
running a speed test showed good speeds.

Any theories? Would a be to blame? The above went on for 15 minutes or so. Eventually the globe icon changed back into the WiFi icon and the status went back to "Connected".


I moved and had everything transferred. Just discovered that my got a bunch of from ? ? Well... 🤔 I also got emails from about the NuSkin shipment. Normally I just delete uninvited emails, but this time I decided to read 1 from each. The NuSkin & UPS look legit. Some in the ordered NuSkin products and the genius apparently used my domain as her email. Does she not know her own email and domain??! Wow. 🙄


1️⃣ I finally got a haircut! 💇 I went in the morning. I was the first (and only) customer, so the salon was still squeaky clean. The stylist wore gloves. Those gloves running through my hair meant... Frrrrrzzzt!! She apologized for the "static". No need for gloves, in my opinion. Main thing is that we all wash our hands well and often enough. But probably somebody who didn't work with hair decided gloves were a good idea. 🙄

2️⃣ Signed up with a new webhost. Again.

I forgot to mention that there are no other issues with the Oppo and all other apps on it work just fine... Just not any of the apps. 😶

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