My new roommate 🌿 

Today's precious haul. ❤️ A called N'joy. Kinda pricey for a li'l thing. 5x the price of my old (now dead) . But it's cute! The lady gave me some good advice. 😊 My plan is to keep it in water. Thought I'd need to add nutrients but she said that's just for rooting & this one clearly has no need for it. Just change the water 1x/week. She did say to use pebbles. But I intend to buy and use jelly beads. In the meantime, it stands on its own.

Today was such a successful errand and shopping day! 🏃🤸🕺💃 Except for the part when the wouldn't start after my first errand stop. 😁

I got more to toot about, but I'll pause for now and give others a chance to toot their stuff.

So how was your day? 🙂

My first contribution to . It's got some motion blur, but...

The day is
When it's slightly blurred
Loving life is such a breeze
Coz I see just what I please

This is so cute I almost forget how sad it is.

The . You came for ? Here you go. You can enjoy it alone in this nice little spot here.

This is just one corner of the cafe. The rest of it has regular tables, marked off with green ribbons to keep people from sitting next to each other. 😜

Apparently, to some people, the reason for and the meaning of those footprint stickers are lost.

And that is why continues to spread. Not because the experts are wrong, but because of people who don't care about expert advice.

I'd show you the dumb ways people wear & but then I'd have to point the at their faces and they'd probably freak out. (Or beat me up.) 😅 You can use your imagination...

Since I'm going out today, I think I'll visit the sellers at the -- rather than get my plant . (Yeah, I still don't have my .) Less strict means most can operate now. I just realized: If I can buy stuff from a brick-and-mortar store, I should support nearby/local sellers who have and to pay. Many of those online sellers don't even pay taxes. That's why the can sell real cheap. ☝️

Finally! Finished my peer-graded assignment. It's due on the 26th. No such thing as being too early. I hope I pass.
And now I prepare for tomorrow's errands. Where's that hazmat suit...

And even
the most brilliant minds here
start passing around
like it's nothing
and then wash their hands of it...
a la Pontius Pilate.

Come on.
You're better than that.

I have a feeling some people here on are missing the point of platforms like and . Or perhaps I'm the one who's got it wrong.

How to say...

That will have to wait. Must first complete my Peer-graded Assignment on .

I wasn't planning on going out for another 2~3 weeks, but big bro tells me I got an errand to do on Monday morning.

Well, that's a good excuse to go out and sport my . 🧢😷🛡️

I kinda like my style, but seriously it's never fun walking about with a plastic sheet in front of your face. It affects visibility. Just a tad bit. Still. It ain't fun.

And my reward for my effort shall be... ! 😜

if you can


Voila! And the two became one!
😅 In a manner of speaking.

The I'm using appears to be in and expires end of this year. I wonder how much they'd charge once it's mature. I hope it'll be a one-time payment and not a subscription. 😶🙏 Very pleased that it has the option to use cable.

They're based in and... The ?! 😲

Cool! 🤓👍

Yes!! 💃 I can now use my as a 2nd screen to my ! I'll be using this setup later at . So happy! 🙃 I feel like I just got a new toy! Except... Not. And it didn't cost anything. 😉

Yesterday I had both turned on and was using them separately. Y'know, for things that the screen-capturing doesn't need to see. Had to have a mouse and a keyboard for each device. 🙄

I can now cross out second from my . 😜

@PleaseCaption is such a useful . It warns me when I've posted with no . 👍

Out & about. Brunch. 

Is it just me or did Short get even shorter? 😶

Might be just me. Anywayz... No big deal. I'm not a big drinker. Hence the short order. 🤓☕

again?? Yes. I still got on my Starbucks card and the only place to spend that money is at Starbucks -- it's practically spent already. So I'm using it instead of spending anew. ☝️

Apparently I've been doing it wrong... 

Only today I saw the preparation instructions for the instant I've been drinking the past couple of months.

"How to make your creamy cup:
Put 1 Nescafe Classic stick,
2 teaspoons sugar and
3 teaspoons Nestle Coffee-Mate in a mug.
Add hot water, stir and enjoy!"

That's too much work. 🙄

What I've always done was:
Put the coffee powder in a mug.
Add hot water.

No sugar.
No fake cream.
No stirring even!
No kidding.

? 🤪

Out & about. Errand 2. Groceries. 

Errand 2: Grocery

Got my usual supplies. This time, instead of grabbing another carrot cake/loaf, I got a Taisan Choco and a Taisan Mocha. And yes, I got 2 of those little banana loaves too. Of course! 😜

Also decided to try Nescafe canned Black Ice and Espresso Roast, in case I got bored with my usual instant .

Gasp! Instant coffee??! 😱
Yes. ☝️
Since this pandemic thing happened, I discovered that instant ain't so bad.

Around this time I'd normally be prepping for . But it's Columbus Day and the boss decided we didn't have to work today.

Which was why I wasn't in any hurry to finish my errands today. Didn't need to in the afternoon to keep awake for the .

Oh, and the boss made sure to tell me I'd get paid anyway. 💃
Happy me, happy me. 🤸

Our & about. Banana bread vs banana cake/loaf. 

See, while it seems that 65 pesos is a fair price for a slice of at , it's not so fair when you know that you can get an equally good one (much better, actually, in my opinion) that is equivalent to 2 of those slices for only 38 pesos. 😉

Of course I didn't order the banana . I'm getting some with my anyway. Besides, I was there for ! 😜

Out & about. COVID-19 fashion. 🤣 

Look who's got a new and 😄

Happy with the mask. It's breathable.

Even happier with the shield. I'm now back to wearing ! I couldn't wear a hat with my other . The cap came with buttons on the sides to which you attach the plastic sheet (that has buttons to match, of course). It came with a matching mask, but I had trouble breathing with it.


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