This one says I "did a terrific job on the #English quiz". Really? Because the other company said my English was bad. 🤪 

Another application.
Again, the first step was an test.

Unlike the other company that rejected me citing and as reasons, this one says I did well.

Nay, not well...
A terrrrrific job!! 😅

Yeah, the previous company probably got the /recordings/results mixed up. No matter. Not. My. Problem. 🤪

I knew I did alright. 🙃

A week since
Round1 ✅ (easy English test)
of my for a

Round2 ✅ was some kind of personality test and a very thorough application form.

Round3 ❓ today was a 300-item IPIP-NEO questionnaire AGAIN 🙄 plus YET ANOTHER test. They better not say anything bad about my English. You can't go any higher than C2. 🤨 You caaaaan't!

Round4 ❓ will be tomorrow.
The . 😱

I shall behave,
stay calm
and appear sane. 😎


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Looks like I survived Round 4 ☑️ of the application -- the via video call.

I think it went well. 😜

Will I get the job?
Well, nothing left to do but wait. 🙏

#jobs 💼 After 1month, an email from company P: 

"we appreciate your patience and understanding during the ... review and shortlisting phase ... Unfortunately, we are not in the position to progress to the next stage ... hope you don't mind if we reach out to you in the future when_we_have_the_need and a_position_opens_up that may be a better fit..."

Sure, reach out to me later. 🙄

Glad I didn't wait for company P. 🤪

I really hope it works out for me & company V. 🙂🙏

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