sensitivity to sound 

Yesterday in the manufacturing plant there was some machinery that was making a very high-pitched and loud (to me, at least) hissing sound. I felt pain when I stood within 30 feet of it. I had to request a work assignment far away from it. There were people actually operating that machinery and not wearing hearing protection. They were smiling and holding conversations and seemed fine. I...I don't understand.

sensitivity to sound 

I was curious about whether or not the people operating it were also feeling pain but I didn't want to stand close to it long enough to have that conversation lol

Were they hurting, and is it just the culture there to suck it up, or am I just exceptionally sensitive to sound? I'm thinking it might be some combination of both.

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sensitivity to sound 

Oh no. 😶 That's bad. Is that in some third world country? I can imagine that happening here in my country in some small . would know better and have standards.

should provide -- in that case, ear plugs or ear muffs to protect from loud sounds.

The are probably not aware and don't know that it's bad for them. Their hearing is probably already damaged.

sensitivity to sound 

@evelynyap this is the US lol.

I saw some hearing protection available in the area (the company did provide it) but I am not sure why the people were not using it. Maybe those people were really not bothered by it?

But I agree 100% that it would be very inappropriate for the employer not to provide PPE to those who might want it.

sensitivity to sound 

Well that's odd. I could be wrong, but the employer or supervisor may get into trouble for not enforcing the use of PPE. You could lose insurance claims for damages due to not using required PPE.

Too late for the employees. Hearing already damaged.

You are wise to stay away from the loud machines. 👍

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