Woh. 😶 Got an email and SMS response from another company scheduling an interview with me this Friday. 

Hoping that company P (the one I interviewed with yesterday) will decide whether or not they'll hire me before my Friday with company V.

I kinda like company P already.
But i don't have that yet.


It's not like company V will be make an offer that same day. 🙄 There'll be afterwards.

Come what may. 😊🙏

I hadn't responded to yesterday's SMS from Company V asking to confirm Friday's . They want 3 former bosses as character references. Only 2 have responded. A follow up SMS from them came today and I replied asking if I may proceed with the interview with only 2 references.

Am I really supposed to be in touch and be buddies with old ? 🙄

Anyway, so touched with the 1st boss I asked. I didn't think he'd care or even remember me. But he responded affirmatively within minutes! 😊

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My job interview with company V 

I think it went alright. This 1 is different. The came before the .

Same old and tests. They also wanted screenshots of an speed test and the specs of my .

And a test! ⌨️ My score was 58 wpm. Not bad, me thinks. 🤔

But due to issues it may be weeks or months before I get hired, if I pass.

At least they're honest. ☝️

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My job interview with company V. Wow, they're fast! 

Within an hour of emailing them the screenshots of my test results, I get a Skype message from the interviewer telling me to check my email.

So I check my email and...

"Congratulations! You passed the tests and initial interview... Your final interview is scheduled on Monday..."

Righteouuuuuuuus!!! 💃

OF COURSE I emailed back and confirmed for the final ! 😜

Marking my calendar now... 🗓️🖊️


Interview with company V. They really are fast! 

9:30PM I had my FINAL with company V. (Still nothing from company P.) From what the said, they would have results by TOMORROW.

Oh my goodness 😶
I could've missed it!
Good thing I checked my a li'l past 11PM.

9:54PM an email came with instructions to fill out a form and that it must be done WITHIN 2 HOURS of the email being sent to me.

I completed the task 11:42 😶
Hopefully their email time stamp is correct

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Interview with company V 

As part of this adventure with company V, they require 3 . I got in touch with 2 former bosses who agreed to be my references. I told V that i got 2 refs and asked if I may proceed with the initial interview. They said Yes.

Now I passed the final interview and suddenly WITHIN 2 HOURS I had to put 3 refs on a form. I decided to use a very old contact who gave me a letter of recommendation long ago.

It's 11pm. Who else was I to call?! 🙄

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My job interview with company V. Wow, they're fast! 

@evelynyap that's so awesome congrats!!!

My job interview with company V. Wow, they're fast! 

Thank you @professor_stoke 😊 It ain't over, but I'm feeling... Good!! 🕺😉

I rock? 😶
I do?? 🤔
I do! ☺️
I rock!! 💃🤣

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