I may have just sabotaged myself re: my job application with company V. 😢

They weren't being weird, just being strict and thorough. I get it. But I got some issues and I do believe that I'm being reasonable. I don't want to be a pain, that's for sure.

In place of submitting and of certain pieces of info as part of the requirements, I submitted these two jpegs instead...

Typos in the image descriptions.
Blame auto correct. πŸ™„

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Oh yeah, company V emailed at noon and expected the task to be completed WITHIN 5 HOURS.

I wouldn't have seen it because, wonder of wonders, our was down. And why would they be emailing me at noon when we're expected to be people?

But ☝️ i thought I'd spend a little bitty on a few megabytes of just so I can check my email. Juuuust in case.

I'm glad I did. Imagine if I'd waited for my to get back up. I would've missed the deadline. 😢

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I thought I had killed my chance of getting the job. πŸ˜… Today, an email from company V.

I passed that step without submitting everything they required -- or rather, submitting something else other than what they required. Perhaps it helped that I made efforts to make it look pretty? πŸ™ƒ

So today I was given 12 hours to complete more tasks: more info, adding them on , creating my & accounts for the and giving them the passwords.

I suppose creating a new and for use on the and handing them the would be the equivalent of their IT department giving me a company and a .

I'm just relieved that they decided to trust me anyway, even when I didn't comply 100% with regards to their Home Evaluation requirements. πŸ˜…

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Oh, those are new (currently empty) accounts created just for the job and are totally separate from my personal stuff.

You know, a companyV.myname@gmail.com email address instead of them giving me a myname@companyV.com email address.

And the Facebook account is something i created just for job hunting. Not mixing that with my personal contacts.

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