Day 1 of Training now over. I had 1.5 hours of yesterday and somehow was fine the entire "day" -- 8pm till 6am. Yeah, that's my day. Yeah, we went over time. Shift was supposed to be till 5pm, but my classmates had a ton of questions. Nice group, me thinks. And the trainers seem really nice too. And, we started 7:30. Because. First day. You know. πŸ€“

@Wayves Something like that. πŸ˜… Day 1 was mostly intros, orientation, setup. We're a weird bunch. 🀣 1 guy likes to see his fingers bleed. 1 hates🍍. 1 said she's very small but can climb β›°οΈπŸžοΈ. 1 never drinks β˜•. 1 doesn't eat 🍚. 1 said he slept with mosquito net over his πŸ‘£. Our trainer is a musician and warned us that if we see a Facebook profile with his exact name, it's not him. Apparently someone created a bad impostor profile and our trainer couldn't get FB to take it down.

Okay, so i slept maybe 2 hours this morning. (I'm being optimistic.) Woke up for normal , i.e. at noon. Now having some hot and will try to some more this afternoon. πŸ›ŒπŸ’€

No, the coffee has no effect. I'm sure of it. It's happened many times that I could fall asleep after drinking coffee. And I'd still have trouble falling asleep even with zero* coffee. πŸ™ƒ

Well, better than yesterday when i slept only half an hour before lunch and then 2 half hours in the afternoon. πŸ€ͺ

It's 3:30
and I'm still awake. πŸ˜–

sleep. 😢

Okay. So I guess it's just 2 hours of today. Didn't sleep at all in the afternoon. Tried.

Day 2 of Training starts in less than 2 hours... 😢

Survived Day 2 of Training. Lessons and 2 quizzes. Passed the first quiz. Don't have the result for the second quiz yet. I hope I passed that one too. πŸ™

I'm not too crazy about the assignment. Record a 1-min intro video. Of myself. Smack in the center of the frame. Well-lit. Talking. Goodness, my face is so... askew. How did i end up this way?! 🀣 I did so many takes. Hated it. And there was a lot to absorb at the training. I'm tired. Maybe today I'll more than just a couple hours. 🀞

So before Day 3 of Training I managed to a total of about 4.5 hours. Interrupted. Sleep came in three parts. Good enough for me. I'd have slept some more if not for dinner time and needing to prep for work. I actually missed normal noon lunch.

Finished the 3rd quiz just before my midnight lunch break. Lunch is dried beef and butter coconut biscuits. πŸ„πŸ₯“ πŸ₯₯🍘

[ Deleted and reposted with correction:
it's Day 3, not Day 4.
I need more sleep. πŸ˜… ]

Day 4 of the Training and out of the blue, the bosses message my trainer saying they want to speak with me. It was a quick little interview to ask a few things.

Turns out there's a client wanting someone who can do photo/video editing and... Facebook Ads. 😢 Alas, I know nothing of that sort. The line "I'm teachable" won't do here.

Imagine if I could do FB Ads. Maybe they'd pull me out of training and give me a client already.

It's a nice thought. I'll cherish it anyway. πŸ˜…

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