While in training the trainer messaged me on RC saying to turn on my Skype. 4 of us trainees secretly got called out of class. An urgent need. The boss asked our trainers: who'd be ready to start work (given the chance). And I, Trish, Joe & Zab got interviewed. Then we went back to training. Don't know who got it. I'll see tomorrow, when 1 doesn't show up for training. Because of the questions, I'm guessing it's someone with family/kids. Regardless. I'll be happy for whoever gets picked. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

This was the second time I got pulled out of training.☝️

First was because the boss thought perhaps in addition to photo and video stuff I could do Facebook Ads. I know nothing about FB Ads. πŸ™„

Then today the deal breaker questions seemed to be: Do you have family, i.e. kids? How important would it be for you to get this job? So I'm guessing that one's going to Trish who might be a mom. Joe is probably a dad but his webcam died today -- the boss wasn't pleased. And Zab... has cats.

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Looks like the young cat guy got selected for the part-time . 😲 I'm happy for him, but confused that neither the mom nor the dad in the team got it, based on the interviewer's questions. πŸ€”

On a happier note, I got my grades for last week's writing and graphics activities. Perfect scores! πŸ€“

Feeling good about myself right now. 😊 Monday will be horrific tho. 😱 I gotta feel good about something sometimes, right?

Oh, I do intend to survive Monday. πŸ€ͺ

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