27 hours ago, I passed my exams. πŸ™

6 hours ago, we the graduates had our orientation -- for getting ready to be interviewed by clients.

3 hours ago, The Agency (formerly referred to in my previous toots as company V) messaged saying they "might have an interview" for me tonight.

πŸ€“: Awesome! What time?
πŸ‘©: 11pm.

That'll be 18 hours from the time she messaged me. Am I ready? Doesn't matter. I'm getting interviewed. I better be* ready. πŸ™ƒ

So Ms A scheduled me for an interview at 11pm.

At 9:20pm Ms L asks me to join an interview at 10pm saying she'll put me first in line so I can still attend my 11pm interview.

I said yes, and also told Ms A. Apparently it's normal to have interviews one right after another. A lot of clients out there looking to hire.

So I went. There were 5 of us interviewees.

At 10:59 Ms L messages me and congratulates me. 🀣

I hope I don't disappoint.

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I'm confused now.

The boss calls me directly and tells me he wants me to interview with a VIP client. Sadly, I had to tell him that I had already passed an interview a few hours ago.

Boss then says he'll have a word with Ms L.

Oh dear... What's going on? 😢

It's settled. 😎 Boss posted in group chat asking if anyone can do video editing "other than Evelyn, because she already got a job" 🀣

I jokingly (half seriously) replied: Boss, if there's nobody, I can do part-time. 😁

I got hired for a fulltime position. But if what the other client needs is just video editing, I'd gladly take that on as part-time job on top of my fulltime one.

Feels good that the boss messaged me before announcing the opportunity to others. Warms my heart. πŸ™

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