And after about 100 days since we started , I finally got me some . 🤓☕🥧 Take out.☝️

I get a free cake. Otherwise I wouldn't bother. As much as i love Starbucks. I'd rather . The place was empty except for one dine-in customer.

And this how they try to implement ...

@evelynyap I'm back in my office today after 99 days off. Seems pretty weird to be back 😀

I think it's going to take a few days to get used to this again. 😃

@Wayves 🤓 Are you guys doing anything different? Like temperature checks before entering the office? Mandatory masks? Alcohol disinfectant on desks? Extra barriers for those with face-to-face interactions?

@evelynyap I work in a small office (five people) so we're pretty masks or temperature checks.

Stores require masks, some places have temperature checks and many places have hand sanitizers.

Outside, it's sort of personal choice. Some wear masks, some don't.

I'm not planning to go to any restaurants or movies for awhile. While I think this thing has been overblown in many respects, I'm still being somewhat cautious. 🤓


Cautious = wise ☝️
Especially since the enemy is unseen and doesn't make itself known immediately.

Even if you're not worried about germs, your being cautious is helping prevent someone from needing a ventilator. Your country and the world thank you for your service. 😉👍

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