My crappy old (that I couldn't find a replacement for) is always plugged in whenever I use it, otherwise it shuts down after a few seconds. The swollen battery has gotten even bigger/worse now. One end is popping out. (I got double-sided tape under it so it stays in place.)

Can't use the phone plugged in without the battery in there, but maybe this is dangerous? πŸ€”

I use it as a webcam. I'd like to keep using it. But what to do with about battery?

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A batteries job is to store a lot of energy in a confined space. Yes, it is dangerous.

@Baggypants Would it be crazy (or dumb) if I tried to dissect it? I guess it would be, but I'm hoping maybe i can get the battery contact parts out and use them without the dangerous energy-storing part of the battery.

As you can see with my vocabulary, I'm not a geek. πŸ™ƒ Hopefully Google will give me answers...

It will probably catch fire. Not a very big fire though! Although they can be difficult to put out as shorted Li-ion batteries get hot enough to keep restarting the fire.

I see you are a sister in Christ. Maybe God's providence has let me to you to say PLEASE do not start chopping up phone batteries!

@Baggypants 🀣🀣🀣
But there must be way!
There HAS to be!!

Weeeellll, It's _slightly_ safer to use it as it is rather than trying to take the battery apart. If you can trade it for a crappy smartphone that can also work without a battery that would be best!

Someone somewhere said, "My... battery exploded... I did [use the phone without a battery] by drawing a circuit with a pencil on the motherboard from the GND pin to -ve pin. This tricked the phone that it has a battery on and it boots normally without one."

I know nothing about circuit boards, but this gives me hope that I don't have to resort to messing with cables and doing any soldering... all of which I'm clueless about. Though this means I have to open up the phone.

I've done the same with pencil for broken buttons as it does conduct! Give that a go. You can buy copper sticky tape as well for something more permanent.

Woh! 😯 Interesting... Didn't know that about pencils. Thanks!

For now i've turned it off as the battery is looking much too swollen for comfort. Safety first. ☝️ I'll deal with it later. Right now I'm really liking the pencil option. πŸ€“

@evelynyap sounds like a fire hazard to me. Remember the galaxy note 7? Yeah...

@evelynyap I'd like to know HOW to use it without a battery (why the heck does it require a battery put in when power is connected?) Got two of such devices here meanwhile. One of the batteries was bulging that much I was afraid it would explode, so I got rid of it. Would use it stationary as well – but without a battery, it doesn't even turn on…

If anyone knows a trick, I'm all ears. Too good to throw away, but not worth buying new batteries over and over again (one already had its 2nd set)…

@evelynyap @IzzyOnDroid
I think that could help you, from minute 14:20 it will be shown how to change the battery with a stepdown converter.

@Herbert_Rindfleisch @IzzyOnDroid
Hmm... Stepdown converter. I'll look that up. Thanks! πŸ˜ƒ

@evelynyap This battery is absolutely dangerous and can explode,you shouldn't use it anymore.To start the phone without a battery,you can connect the + and - contact points to each other with a piece of metal,then the phone should think that it has a battery with zero capacity but at least it should be able to boot.

@nipos @evelynyap Shouldn't they be connected through a resistor? An empty battery does have some resistance.

@mimi89999 @evelynyap I never tried it myself and I guess that it works without a resistor,too but you can also try it with a resistor.

@nipos @mimi89999
I read somewhere that "the battery provides the power" and one solution involved determining how much power the phone/battery actually uses and not what's indicated on the charger. So yeah, looks like it'll require more than just connecting the + and -.

Thanks, guys. I don't know about resistors and stuff. Now I know what other keywords to Google for. πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

@evelynyap Do not disassemble the battery and do not continue to use it. I think that there might be a trick where you could connect the + and - pins through a resistor and trick the phone into thinking that it has a battery.

@Coffee As a non-expert: a swelling battery sounds more dangerous than none.

@josias You do realize that I'm just the one boosting this call for help, and that @evelynyap is the one asking, right? ^^

@Coffee @evelynyap My Mastodon client apparently screwed up. πŸ˜† Well, I know better than to try replying to boosts with that client again.

@josias Heh. Out of curiosity, what's the client?

@Coffee The toot CLI client. I sent in a PR now.

@josias Ah yes. I like that one, and I'd use it as a daily driver if it could show avatars.

Thanks for sending in that patch!

@evelynyap Sounds like it's time to let that one go. Maybe you can find another old cheap one? :blob_neutral_face:

@Wayves It's not totally trash. Just the battery. Not giving up yet. So weird, there's a bazillion different types of battery. There should be a limited set of standard sizes for various uses. Couldn't find a proper replacement and those sidewalk guys won't touch it or hack it. One of them said that even though there's the + and - marked, it might be wrong and they'll end up killing my phone. Because it's an unknown, el cheapo brand, they can't be sure. So I'm on my own. πŸ™ƒ

@evelynyap I get it. As long as it's working on some level, it's hard to give some things up. :blobthumbsup:

@evelynyap In theory the phone should work without the battery.

I thought so too. I thought the circuit just needs to be closed/complete and the battery does that. But it seems it's not that simple. Did some Googling and folks who tried and succeeded didn't only* use wires or a piece of metal to connect/complete the circuit. Apparently, the on do more than just close the loop. I'm not a techie but I imagine it's like how a car still needs a battery even when the car is really the one keeping the battery charged and working.

@evelynyap Ah, so it needs to see a voltage on those pads. Depending on the battery it's going to be different and there are some weird things that could happen if you hooked up a simple power supply.

Could probably do it, but eh.

@evelynyap Please stop using it if the battery is swollen. It could explode or start a fire.

@evelynyap Suggest just buying a webcam. Can be had, even HD for under fifty bucks. Probably a better idea than even a new battery.

@gedvondur Oh, don't worry. I have already stopped using it and removed the battery. It got dangerously big. My computer does have a built-in webcam, but it's at an odd place -- at the bottom of the screen and off to one side -- so I prefer an external webcam. And the phone makes a pretty decent webcam. But mainly I want to keep it for use with miscellaneous apps like YouTube, Spotify, podcasts, music, games, etc. It's not dead and not trash yet. πŸ˜ƒ

@evelynyap If the battery keeps on getting bigger, it's worrisome. I'm honestly not sure if I would keep it plugged in at all at this point. If it catches fire when you are not in the room, you have an extremely bad situation on your hands.

@tsturm Yes, I was starting to unplug it when I wasn't actively using it. But now, since it got too big I've actually removed the battery and stopped using it. But it's still functional. I just need an alternative way to power it. Not giving up on it yet. β˜οΈπŸ˜ƒ

Ok, so I went a li'l crazy and on a whim (and not knowing anything) opened up my hoping that someone's solution of drawing a from GND to -ve would be applicable in my case and I won't need to mess with wires and . Had to use another phone's camera as a magnifier. I actually found GND, but not -ve. And looking at how tiny everything is, even if I can find -ve, how do I draw a path to it in these tiny corners and alleyways? πŸ˜•

I should probably mention that I have no idea what GND and -ve are, but supposedly connecting them will trick the phone into thinking there's a battery in there. πŸ€ͺ

And thanks to all who responded and boosted that toot. Thanks for the insights and suggestions. Maybe I'll eventually be able to figure this out. πŸ˜…

Gotta love . πŸ€—β™₯️

Found a good answer on Quora by Olajire Gbolu, posted 2019, on whether will run with no battery:
"Your phone runs on , not on AC or charger. The function of the charger is to charge your phone’s battery and not to run your phone. So if there is no battery inside your phone it will not power on. That is why when you run out of battery on the newer phones these days, you have to charge it to a particular level (say 5%) before it will switch on."

Makes sense. πŸ€”

@alexcleac They make USB battery "extenders" that you could try. You basically plug it it instead of the power cable but at least you could walk around with it. They also make solar powered versions.

@TheOuterLinux hmm, it's not a first time I see booster mentioned instead of author πŸ€”

@evelynyap is a correct person to mention 😁

You mean power banks? That still won't work without the phone's battery. ☹️ Connecting to a power bank is like connecting to a wall outlet, it's not like replacing the phone's battery. I had to stop using the battery. A little more swelling and it might explode. 🀯

@alexcleac You're the second booster I saw that got the reply/mention instead of the original poster/tooter. 😁 I guess I should be careful when replying to a boosted toot.

@evelynyap I think that's the client caused that behavior πŸ€”

BTW, did you try short-circuiting + to - on contacts? That would work in case that battery does not have controller inside. If it has, I would suggest looking just for the controller and connecting it without a battery.

@alexcleac You mean to just connect the + and -? Didn't work. There's a third pin/contact. πŸ˜•

I'm tempted to mess with the old battery. Hoping to take out the contacts thingy.

Must... resist... πŸ˜–

The last two years my phone ran without the original battery, with 5 volts power from the plug or from a powerbank, directly connected to + and - contacts where the battery once sat. The cable was going out from the back. Maybe I send a photo tomorrow. The phone still operates but is not suitable for everyday use. It can still operate for days or weeks on the power grid.

Really??! πŸ˜ƒ Yes, send a photo, please! πŸ™ I don't need to fully use it as a mobile phone. It'll just stay on my desk. So it makes sense to just use a cable and not batteries.

I did try to use another rechargeable battery (but it's a different size) and connected to the + and - terminals. Unfortunately there's a third terminal/contact and I don't know what to do with that. I guess the phone still thinks there's no battery since i had nothing connected to the third one. πŸ˜•

Hi @evelynyap, here is the requested image. Be careful when connecting the blank wires, look up usb colors and the electric orientation (+/-) of battery contacts before. You don't need the data wires in the middle.
5 volts is slightly more than 4.2 volts, so no guarantee that your phone survives, but it should do.
The original usb connection of my phone doesn't work anymore, maybe that came from my manipulation.
The connection on the left is a special construction, usually there is a USB plug.

@hambach18 I tried that but the phone won't turn on. (The phone does still work if I put the old bad battery back. It's just not safe that way.) Should I try a different cable? In the photo are the pastel-colored black & red wires.The cable I used was one I didn't want anymore because it was too slow for charging.

I'm reluctant to strip a good cable since I'm clueless about these things and don't know if that would work. Could it be the cable? πŸ˜•

The wires on the photo look white and grey for me, I'm not sure if they are correct coloured. says you need black and red. If you have a device for measuring voltage you could test (red is +).
As a workaround you can use your tongue, hold both wires with a low distance (without short circuit) and it should be fizzy if they are working.
Another thing is my phone needs at least a power supply of 700mA to connect to 3g network and 1000mA for 2g.

@hambach18 Yes, the pink and grey wires are the + and -. There are actually 2 other wires -- green and white. I cut those off. I'll keep trying -- maybe I just need a better quality cable. Thanks. πŸ‘

I also tried this -- using rechargeable AA battery then plugging to the phone charger like normal. Maybe I should've used 2 pieces instead of 1. But for that I should shop for a less flammable tape to better hold things together. πŸ˜„ hehe... Masking tape isn't the best idea.

Using just one battery could easily overcharge, I think using three should work. They are rated volts 1.2*3=3.6 so like an empty li-ion battery and can go to 1.4*3=4.2 the upper end of li-ion while going a bit warm.

Would be awesome if you could build a working low capacity replacement. I would implement it at my bike for Navigation when I'm back from traveling (already made a car usb charger loading a powerbank from the dynamo).

This was the AA battery I used. The brand is . I use it for my DSLR's flash gun. So you think 3 would be better?

And that's the swollen battery of my , also in the photo.

Next time I get out I'll buy electrical or duct tape. Masking tape is no good. Then I'll try the 3-battery set up. The virus is still doing the rounds in our cities. So I'm not in any hurry to shop for supplies. πŸ€“ Maybe I should get better wires too? πŸ€”

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