Went out again today for necessary . Had to go pick up my clearance. So i thought I'd make the most of my day out by doing some serious, sort of necessary, . Bought a mini rechargeable USB fan with LED, a proper stainless steel electric kettle, airtight food containers, etc. Then it was time. This time I opted to do dine-in. again? Yes. Why? Because. I had a beverage to claim. 😜

And after about 100 days since we started , I finally got me some . 🤓☕🥧 Take out.☝️

I get a free cake. Otherwise I wouldn't bother. As much as i love Starbucks. I'd rather . The place was empty except for one dine-in customer.

And this how they try to implement ...

About and that thingy that and the rest of the are so worried and up in arms about...

Ruining or hurting people with so-called isn't what Press Freedom is about. Being a isn't a license to malign.

Oh my... I cannot imagine 54 degrees celsius. 😱 I almost collapsed at 40-ish celsius, in the shade. 🥵🌡️🔥 It's dangerous out there. Best to ... which has been the trend around here since March.

Today it'll be 35 degrees max in my location. Also very hot. 😶

And so we tropical folks love our air conditioning.

A ? A ? I dunno... 🤔

What some call flip-flops,
a name too cute and fancy in my opinion,
we call slippers or tsinelas.

Something so ordinary that we wear daily, at home, became a fancy fashion thing thanks to brands like Havaianas and marketing and pricing. 🙄

This one is labeled Havana* by its local manufacturer, with a tag showing the name of the store Waltermart* and the price 78 pesos. Usually the price for such humble slippers is around 200 to 300 pesos. 👍

I thought I had killed my chance of getting the job. 😅 Today, an email from company V.

I passed that step without submitting everything they required -- or rather, submitting something else other than what they required. Perhaps it helped that I made efforts to make it look pretty? 🙃

So today I was given 12 hours to complete more tasks: more info, adding them on , creating my & accounts for the and giving them the passwords.

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I may have just sabotaged myself re: my job application with company V. 😶

They weren't being weird, just being strict and thorough. I get it. But I got some issues and I do believe that I'm being reasonable. I don't want to be a pain, that's for sure.

In place of submitting and of certain pieces of info as part of the requirements, I submitted these two jpegs instead...

I really hate it when this happens.
I'm interested in something
but can't have it because of my location.
I say it's discrimination! 🤨

Interview with company V. They really are fast! 

9:30PM I had my FINAL with company V. (Still nothing from company P.) From what the said, they would have results by TOMORROW.

Oh my goodness 😶
I could've missed it!
Good thing I checked my a li'l past 11PM.

9:54PM an email came with instructions to fill out a form and that it must be done WITHIN 2 HOURS of the email being sent to me.

I completed the task 11:42 😶
Hopefully their email time stamp is correct

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Enhanced Community Quarantine a.k.a. lockdown for Luzon and Metro Manila ended and became a Modified ECQ yesterday. 

goodness. 😶

numbers are still rising, about 200 cases average per day. More is happening 👍 but...

Supposedly only will resume operations. Hard to believe that all these vehicles and people belong to what's been defined as essential. 😣

My job interview with company V. Wow, they're fast! 

Within an hour of emailing them the screenshots of my test results, I get a Skype message from the interviewer telling me to check my email.

So I check my email and...

"Congratulations! You passed the tests and initial interview... Your final interview is scheduled on Monday..."

Righteouuuuuuuus!!! 💃

OF COURSE I emailed back and confirmed for the final ! 😜

Marking my calendar now... 🗓️🖊️


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I hate 😠

Intel Wireless AC 9560 Properties
This device cannot start (Code 10)
{Operation failed}

This crazy expensive is not even 11 months old! Please tell me this isn't failure. I'm trying to get a and now this happens. Nothing new installed, nothing changed, and now is dead. Restore didn't help.

We're still under . Non essential businesses are closed.

Never had so much trouble with any before! 🤬

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This one says I "did a terrific job on the #English quiz". Really? Because the other company said my English was bad. 🤪 

Another application.
Again, the first step was an test.

Unlike the other company that rejected me citing and as reasons, this one says I did well.

Nay, not well...
A terrrrrific job!! 😅

Yeah, the previous company probably got the /recordings/results mixed up. No matter. Not. My. Problem. 🤪

I knew I did alright. 🙃

Trying to the contents of 2 external and the volumes on each drive. 😶 Trying to clear some space on the internal drive too. 😖

Can't do on this. Not for . Need to keep copies and have backup. And some things are better staying hidden and encrypted.

Aaaaand I'm still using . 🙃 Yeah yeah, well I'm not a geek and to me it's such a daunting task to change it.

Suddenly had an urge to label the keys on an el cheapo mini USB keyboard with DaVinci Resolve .


I don't use shortcuts enough.
I really should if I want to faster.

I used to have the labels on my 's keys.
They kept coming off.
Cleaned that up.
Stuck the labels on this cheap thing instead.
I'll plug this in when I edit.

Yeah, it's ugly. Can't be bothered to make it pretty. The stickers will probably come off with use eventually anyway.

About 18 hours ago I uploaded a silly for a mini to my channel. Within MINUTES, this came in saying: "awesome content it was really good, we should collab man!"

Wow 🙄 He's quick. Too quick. I bet he didn't even watch the video. I'm not delusional yet to think my is awesome. 😜 That suspicious account links to 2 channels that have 1000s of but ZERO . Hmm🤨

Designated Errand Girl
(less crappy version)


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