@matt And you watched the full 20 minutes?? 😶 Just teasing 🙃 hehe

But seriously, nonsense can make really good background noise. Depends on the voices. I play a lot of nonsense and don't really pay attention to what the nonsense is about. You know. Background noise. It's not totally useless. 😉

That's the weird thing. There's no way out of it! 😖 It's actually a second account that i created for my recent long-winded job hunting spree. It's not my main account. So, no, I'm not entering any number. 😜

... Mainly because I've used up all my numbers. 🤣

Ah, I can relate. I'm not much into festivities, even before this covid-19 thing. 😒 And though I'd love to love my country, the people in it make it really hard for me to love it. 😅

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1 for about a year or so after I was born
(Too young to care.)
4 land-based, with family
2 land-based, on my own
at least 10 different ships
(Yup. They got addresses.)

God-willing, I'll move to Number 18 (?) in a couple of years. 😊🙏

Why in the world is insisting on getting my number? 🙄

It won't let me proceed with using Outlook Mail on the web and doesn't give me an option to skip or opt out of it. 😖

Not nice, . Not nice. I do NOT appreciate this.

Simplifying would be going .☝️
📃✍️ 🤓

Switching to for now for personal and personal appointments.

For other appointments like work-related ones I have to put up with . Everybody's using Google at work. Goodness. Should i maintain both? To have a of everything? 🤔

now has a but it's got a long way to go. I'd rather go analog than use that. 🙄

keeps deleting in my calendar. It's done it a few times before, but it's been happening A LOT the past few days.

There are no words.

$#!!@&#!!! 😠

"The [] guarantees and free expression. But not even those fundamental freedoms are absolute. , for example, is NOT protected speech...and in the digital age, libeling someone online - - actually carries a higher penalty."
- inqm.news/zkgm

Thanks @Mandaris 😁

I was wondering if I should work more slowly. 😅 They set their expectations to have me deliver 40 to 50 entries. I delivered over 60 on Day 1. They seemed surprised. By the end of Day 3 I had completed a total of 205. I think they're comparing me to their previous (failed) remote hire.

I'm really not trying to impress. I just don't want to disappoint. 😅

@nessotropheion @verityvirtue
Overnight oats with fruit?
Does that count as a meal?
I think it does. 🤓

Cautious = wise ☝️
Especially since the enemy is unseen and doesn't make itself known immediately.

Even if you're not worried about germs, your being cautious is helping prevent someone from needing a ventilator. Your country and the world thank you for your service. 😉👍

Done with Day 2 of my new . I hope I'm doing alright. I guess I'll know tomorrow at the meeting. Their industry is alien to me. Got a lot to learn still.

@Wayves 🤓 Are you guys doing anything different? Like temperature checks before entering the office? Mandatory masks? Alcohol disinfectant on desks? Extra barriers for those with face-to-face interactions?

And after about 100 days since we started , I finally got me some . 🤓☕🥧 Take out.☝️

I get a free cake. Otherwise I wouldn't bother. As much as i love Starbucks. I'd rather . The place was empty except for one dine-in customer.

And this how they try to implement ...

Tried to open a new account to receive my pay for my new . They require proof of the source of funds. Thanks to those criminal money launderers. I'll have to go back on Thursday with a Certificate of . 🙄

Even though we've switched to a more relaxed General Community and more are back in operation, I'm still trying to limit my going out. Will try to do all my errands in one go.

@parasurv Oh yeah, everything's just getting commercialized. And when there's nothing they invent an occasion to get people to celebrate and spend money. There's even a grandparents day, which my family ignores. And the stores here will sometimes have a spring or fall sale even though we don't have 4 seasons. 🙄 But i suppose another day that makes the whole family sit down together for a family lunch or dinner ain't so bad. 🤓

Jooble. Scam or legit? 

contacts me about "non-commercial cooperation" because they found my site "trustworthy and qualitative". Well, yeah, what's not trustworthy about shouts of nothingness? 🙄

Did a quick search:

1 recruiter got "job applicants" from Jooble, with CV and application forms filled out. But when he contacted the they never knew about the .

1 who fell for the non-commercial cooperation a.k.a. web link exchange never got any traffic from .


If it's Father's Day in your part of the world and you're a dad,

Happy Father's Day! 🤓🍻

If not, have a happy day anyway. 😊

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