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Day 1 of training will start in about 12.5 hours. Must get some sleep. 😴🛌 It's funny to think that I can just fall asleep at will. But I'll try anyway. 😶

Yesterday I digitally signed the contract and a bunch of agreements with company V.

are awful. So one-sided. A necessary evil, unfortunately. Took a couple of hours to go through all that digital paperwork.

Oh, I must remember that I won't actually be an . I'll be an independent . Fine by me. Just grateful that I've finally been given a chance. The 10-day starts on Tuesday. Hopefully I'll get a soon after.


A ? A ? I dunno... 🤔

What some call flip-flops,
a name too cute and fancy in my opinion,
we call slippers or tsinelas.

Something so ordinary that we wear daily, at home, became a fancy fashion thing thanks to brands like Havaianas and marketing and pricing. 🙄

This one is labeled Havana* by its local manufacturer, with a tag showing the name of the store Waltermart* and the price 78 pesos. Usually the price for such humble slippers is around 200 to 300 pesos. 👍

17 days since I last went out. Got out again today for groceries.

Some folks are still not taking precautions against the seriously. Some seemed mindful of , but many were not. A few people were wearing their with the nose exposed. And one was wearing it over her chin. Es-tuuuuu-peee-Duh! 😠

I hope I'm still germ-free. 🙏

On the bright side, I got to buy my favorite mocha roll ... and some fried chicken from . 🙃🍰🍗

Well, normal for me lasted 3 days. That was it. Hasn't happened again. 😶

Looks like I'm back to being a wolf🐺/owl🦉. It's just as well. New starts next month. Well, technically, it's training.

No hiccups, I hope. 😊🙏

I suppose creating a new and for use on the and handing them the would be the equivalent of their IT department giving me a company and a .

I'm just relieved that they decided to trust me anyway, even when I didn't comply 100% with regards to their Home Evaluation requirements. 😅

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I thought I had killed my chance of getting the job. 😅 Today, an email from company V.

I passed that step without submitting everything they required -- or rather, submitting something else other than what they required. Perhaps it helped that I made efforts to make it look pretty? 🙃

So today I was given 12 hours to complete more tasks: more info, adding them on , creating my & accounts for the and giving them the passwords.

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I give up. Somebody has serious problems. Misusing stats. Defending corporations that don't need defending. Got facts wrong. Not listening.

I didn't mention that city. Or any city.

Starbucks Philippines APP

Who started with numbers and planes?
Insisted on numbers and planes?
Assumed we are out to crucify corporations?
Continued with monologue and won't pay attention?

And so,

Makulit pa rin?
. 🙄

Oh yeah, company V emailed at noon and expected the task to be completed WITHIN 5 HOURS.

I wouldn't have seen it because, wonder of wonders, our was down. And why would they be emailing me at noon when we're expected to be people?

But ☝️ i thought I'd spend a little bitty on a few megabytes of just so I can check my email. Juuuust in case.

I'm glad I did. Imagine if I'd waited for my to get back up. I would've missed the deadline. 😶

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Typos in the image descriptions.
Blame auto correct. 🙄

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I may have just sabotaged myself re: my job application with company V. 😶

They weren't being weird, just being strict and thorough. I get it. But I got some issues and I do believe that I'm being reasonable. I don't want to be a pain, that's for sure.

In place of submitting and of certain pieces of info as part of the requirements, I submitted these two jpegs instead...

I really hate it when this happens.
I'm interested in something
but can't have it because of my location.
I say it's discrimination! 🤨

Interview with company V 

As part of this adventure with company V, they require 3 . I got in touch with 2 former bosses who agreed to be my references. I told V that i got 2 refs and asked if I may proceed with the initial interview. They said Yes.

Now I passed the final interview and suddenly WITHIN 2 HOURS I had to put 3 refs on a form. I decided to use a very old contact who gave me a letter of recommendation long ago.

It's 11pm. Who else was I to call?! 🙄

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Interview with company V. They really are fast! 

9:30PM I had my FINAL with company V. (Still nothing from company P.) From what the said, they would have results by TOMORROW.

Oh my goodness 😶
I could've missed it!
Good thing I checked my a li'l past 11PM.

9:54PM an email came with instructions to fill out a form and that it must be done WITHIN 2 HOURS of the email being sent to me.

I completed the task 11:42 😶
Hopefully their email time stamp is correct

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Heeeeey... What's going on with me? 🤔 

The last 2 nights I actually
slept well 🛌
at night 🌃
pretty much uninterrupted,
for at least 5 hours.

What's going on?? 😳
What's wrong with me!?? 😱
That hasn't happened in a long time! 🤯

Funny that sleeping properly worries me more than my or tendencies and sleeping sometimes only 1 or 2 hours at a time.

It was my for so long that the normal normal throws me off. Might be temporary tho... 🙃

Enhanced Community Quarantine a.k.a. lockdown for Luzon and Metro Manila ended and became a Modified ECQ yesterday. 

goodness. 😶

numbers are still rising, about 200 cases average per day. More is happening 👍 but...

Supposedly only will resume operations. Hard to believe that all these vehicles and people belong to what's been defined as essential. 😣

My job interview with company V. Wow, they're fast! 

Within an hour of emailing them the screenshots of my test results, I get a Skype message from the interviewer telling me to check my email.

So I check my email and...

"Congratulations! You passed the tests and initial interview... Your final interview is scheduled on Monday..."

Righteouuuuuuuus!!! 💃

OF COURSE I emailed back and confirmed for the final ! 😜

Marking my calendar now... 🗓️🖊️


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It's raining. A good amount of for us in the national capital region. Good for li'l ol' me. I love rain.


Not good at all for the Eastern Samar Province and some parts of the . 😶🙏

My job interview with company V 

I think it went alright. This 1 is different. The came before the .

Same old and tests. They also wanted screenshots of an speed test and the specs of my .

And a test! ⌨️ My score was 58 wpm. Not bad, me thinks. 🤔

But due to issues it may be weeks or months before I get hired, if I pass.

At least they're honest. ☝️

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