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Okay, to keep megadon going into the future i have set up a . The donate link can be found on the server rules page as well as right here.

If you haven't seen it yet, consider checking out my located at . Considering most people who are on already understand what I am talking about, share it with your friends.

Good morning all. Headed to the local hamfest tomorrow. Should be fun

Okay, maybe some of the people would know this. I found an app on @fdroidorg called SatPredict. You have to use the two line elements (TLE). Do these get out of date after a while? The description mentioned automated TLE updates as a planned feature.

So, i am not much of a writer. I had this idea and figured i would get it down. It is a very rough draft and may never come to anything.

Okay. I have decided to try my hand at blogging. If anyone wishes they may find it at or @n0btc on the fediverse. Also, RSS is an option.

So, my fiance is starting her own blog for her music, books, and creative writings. I managed to finally convince her to give writefreely a try instead of having google and facebook tracking her readers with wordpress. If the topics listed above sound interesting please visit . boosts would be welcome.

2/2 Thankfully there are options. Real time chat existed before facebook messenger/whatsapp. Email existed before gmail. Social media existed before myspace. Unless you use federated or decentralized services you will loose your social web again and again as each company dies.

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1/2 Walled gardens are not a good option in the long term, myspace anybody? All the large platforms people use today are only here to make shareholders money. Non-chronological feeds and fake notifications are put in place to decieve users into seeing ads and spending more time.

and likely to be approved according to sources close to the judge!

This is great news

Got a qsl card from my first cw contact today!!! What does pse qsl and tnx qsl mean though?

Hope everyone is having a great . Seems like new user signups have been elevated today. Welcome to you if you are new. Look forward to reading all the interesting things you have to say.

@ConnyDuck hey, do you have any idea why @Tusky isnt displaying posts from a account? It says 1 post but doesnt show it.

Hey, what should i do about my wifi? I would like to delete my google account but currently use google wifi points for mesh networking. I will buy 2 routers and run cable if required but i would like to try a proper wireless solution first. I know orbi, ero, and others all have their own clouds that i wish to avoid.

The history of . These videos are well produced and interesting. A must watch if you are interested in the wireless industry.

Have any of the operators used these supplies? I have a 23A but figure with an hf adn vhf/uhf radio connected it may be time for an upgrade. Also do wires need special terminators for those round plugs?

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