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Thanks to @freemo there will be a lot more content in the megadon fedi timeline. Thanks for that great list of relays!

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Okay, to keep megadon going into the future i have set up a . The donate link can be found on the server rules page as well as right here.

Joke: Why did the ghost go into the bar? 

For the spirits

friendly reminder: please caption your shit

thank you ☺️

Just got stable on my pixel 3A XL. AOSP was just released 2 weeks ago and my ROM already has it. I bet that must be project treble at work. Congrats to the team. I will be the first to say that i do not know everything that goes into this.

So, going on 4 days running this am/fm on my and voltage is 13.04v. Not bad at all. Unless my math is a liar i expect ~8 days of run time. We shall see.

So, i am now considering getting an atomic wristwatch. Because, you know, im not already old before my time. I will just be over here talking on my listening to AM on my dial, and maybe i will even get a flip phone to answer calls on. Lol

So, i got a battery meter for my 12v bioenno battery. It uses anderson powerpoles on both the input and output, yay! However, i am not sure about it. My Sangean AM/FM radio says its taking 0.00a and 0.0w unless i crank the volume to well above casual listening levels. I think the draw is likely in the margin of error. As a result the total wh used is likely wrong. Since this is a lithium it could be the fact that lithium voltage doesnt sag in the same way an SLA would.

This is called KISS launcher from @fdroidorg
KISS Launcher (A blazingly fast launcher focused on search) -

Currently playing with . It is nice, but I still don't think it's an replacement for me.

Sniffle sniffle, cry cry. is releasing before devs are ready. It has only been in beta for months. Devs are upset because they won't get on launch day lists. Get over yourselves. It's called life.

What do you wear to bed?

@M0YNG i got to 30.5 hours of run time before abandoning the test

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Fox news radio needs to get rid of whoever this "political commentator" is. He seems to be trying to undermine the rnc.


Watching the RNC last night was amazing. I loved seeing the citizenship ceremony and the young people speaking so well!

Part 15 of the fcc rules says we can run our own fm/am broadcast station at 0.1 watts of power with a 3m antenna on AM. seriously thinking about trying it


Watching the RNC on youtube. So far so good

Got my test. It wasnt to bad really. They put a qtip like thing in your nose and hold it for 10 seconds then do the other for 10 seconds. It takes ~15 minutes to get results so i just went to pick up some meds while i waited. About the worst part is you either need to sneeze or your eyes water a little.

Todays goal: get my pfsense firewall set up to block dns requests for ads and the like

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