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Okay, to keep megadon going into the future i have set up a . The donate link can be found on the server rules page as well as right here.

Anyone else having issues with this morning? I have no data here

It got to 31 today. I thought summer might never come, but here it is

Good evening all. Today was awesome. I got my programming software to read the radio from inside a windows virtual machine on an ubuntu host. So long windows, you will forever more be virtualized when i need you

@jkatz96 and another person i know are doing a about from a blindness pov. Check it our either in oj @fdroidorg or here
Blind Android Geeks:

My job interview with company V. Wow, they're fast! 

Within an hour of emailing them the screenshots of my test results, I get a Skype message from the interviewer telling me to check my email.

So I check my email and...

"Congratulations! You passed the tests and initial interview... Your final interview is scheduled on Monday..."

Righteouuuuuuuus!!! 💃

OF COURSE I emailed back and confirmed for the final ! 😜

Marking my calendar now... 🗓️🖊️


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Stayed up moat of the night reading phinbella fanfic stuff. It was loys of fun

Well good morning everyone. Its been a bit but i am still here.

Hello kitties. Are you enjoying the view out that window?

New organization idea: MALD (Mothers Against Loud Drivers) is an organization dedicated to seeking out and eliminating people who play their car stereos too loud, have loud exhaust, mufflers and so on. Also, great acronym right?

Going to plug this again... apologies if it’s overkill. I’d like to begin switching but don’t want to lose any of you lovely folks. Could I get all of you to go ahead and click that little follow thingy? Even if we’ve barely talked or never talked, one and all, please just hit that lil button. It would mean a lot. Much appreciated. It’s @FromtheAbyss

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First world problem: i dont have enough outlets to plug in all my shit. I need to buy more 2 to 3 prong adapters because the electrical here doesnt have the ground pin.

PSA: To all ops. If you wish to work field day 2020 and wish to still get points transmit "CQC field day". The "c" would stand for commercial power. This would allow ops to know before the QSO that the other party is a class D station. The ARRL doesnt want to relax the rules on class D during the pandemic. If you think this is a good idea please boost and spread the word on local nets.

@ConnyDuck hey, i think the fdroid repo needs to be posted either on the main tusky app site or with posts about beta updates. Its difficult to find rn.

Good evening to all the fediverse ppls. PSA: I have no idea what I want to do.

selfie, ec, boosts always welcome 

Only regret of the day was not enough sunshine. Hooked on that sweet sweet vitamin D.

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