So, I was just talking with @freemo and I used to be on @M0YNG's instance. I got to thinking, what if we had a talk group on TGIF for /#amateurradio users?


That would be really epic. A Mastodon net (maybe even an HF version too), that would be cool as hell!


That would be cool. I wonder what a good number for a tg would be. Or if that would really matter

@freemo @M0YNG
I will be monitoring TGIF TAC 106 tg 106 for the rest of today 12/12/19. If you or anyone you know might be interested in a Talk group come on in. I will write down calls and submit a request. Also, boost if you can! TGIF is on pi-star and openspots. The website is

You don't need an account. On that page where it lists your brandmeister server click that dropdown and TGIF should be at the top
@M0YNG @freemo

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