Hey @protonmail how is it coming with getting rid of GCM for notifications? I am seriously considering switching to @Tutanota. Their notifications work, they are on @fdroidorg and they seem to be more responsive to bug reports.


@fireglow please define. I have heard on free plan i can only email other tutanota users. Dont know if thats true yet

@n0btc Tutanota doesn't have a function to export (or import, for that matter) mail.
Usuallly IMAP is used for that, but Tutanota doesn't offer that.
So if you have been using tutanota for a while and have a lot of important mail in your account, you are now locked in (sometimes referred to as vendor lock-in)
Rather unpleasant scenario.

I did write to them about this issue some years ago, and got the "we are looking into that" response.

I'm using the free account (purely as a backup) and can send mail to non-totanota addresses fine.
@n0btc okay, to be exact, they let you download a single e-mail at a time from the webinterface. That is however not suitable for bulk-exporting mail.

@fireglow that is not something i worried about. I have never used export/import for email

@n0btc ah okay! Apart from that I think tutanota is a good e-mail service.

@fireglow i think the only downside is that email is fundamentally flawed because it was designed in an era where all traffic was plain text. Far as i can tell a wholesale e2e replacement will need to be made to remedy this.

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