Had an interview today. I felt like it went really well. The email i got yesterday said they thought it would take about 20 minutes. It went for an hour and a half.

@n0btc you rockstar! Should be a great sign. Who was it with?

@FromtheAbyss i hope its a good sign. Its my new apartment community

@n0btc congrats. Wow, I’ve never heard of an apartment complex that would interview you like that before you moved in.

@FromtheAbyss well,y app to live their is seperate from a job app

@n0btc gotcha, so you’ll live there and work there. Cool.

@n0btc Sounds like it went 4.5 times better. 🤓👍 Congratulations. You had them captivated.😉

@evelynyap hopefully. As i said, i felt it went extremely well

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