This is called KISS launcher from @fdroidorg
KISS Launcher (A blazingly fast launcher focused on search) -

cat cuteness ahead 

I am NOT liable for injury due to the following cat photo.

Have a gander at this... Its called KISS launcher on @fdroidorg
KISS Launcher (A blazingly fast launcher focused on search) -

Hello kitties. Are you enjoying the view out that window?


Drinking at noon. Rum and coke ftw. 1 can coke, small amount of rum and a metal reusable straw.

Got a qsl card from my first cw contact today!!! What does pse qsl and tnx qsl mean though?

@ConnyDuck hey, do you have any idea why @Tusky isnt displaying posts from a account? It says 1 post but doesnt show it.

Good morning all. Here are Megadon's dashboard stats for the week.

Hey @fedilab. i noticed that when using talkback the phrase visibility of the toot is always appended to the end. It should either say nothing about it or be changed to public, unlisted, followers, etc. Here is an example. *Christopher M0YNG, @M0YNG, Visibility of the toot"

Hey @fedilab here is another couple of bugs. On the menu interface the 3 dot menu reads as "Truncate long toots" and in the notifications area the delete button reads "The notification has been deleted!" Instead of something like "delete notification. On the photo upload interface all the icons are called " brush" and I can't find the describe photo for the visually impaired button.

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