I am getting a new hotspot. It's a pi 3b+ with a 3.5 inch nextion screen. Its made by K4WZV. you can get one at tgifspot.com/ If you want one.

To all the ops here on . Check out this video from Ham Radio 2.0 (KC5HWB) on the 3.5 inch TGIF spot. youtube.com/watch?v=1cQ_lEjr7p

Well, tonight at 7:00 central time will be the Minnesota net on brandmeister 3127.

So, I was just talking with @freemo and I used to be on @M0YNG's instance. I got to thinking, what if we had a talk group on TGIF for /#amateurradio users?

Good morning all. Just had a really long QSO with KD8DVR on the TGIF network.

Just finished with the net. Was lots of fun as usual.

The TGIF net is starting on TGIF network tg 31665


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