So, i am now considering getting an atomic wristwatch. Because, you know, im not already old before my time. I will just be over here talking on my listening to AM on my dial, and maybe i will even get a flip phone to answer calls on. Lol

So, i got a battery meter for my 12v bioenno battery. It uses anderson powerpoles on both the input and output, yay! However, i am not sure about it. My Sangean AM/FM radio says its taking 0.00a and 0.0w unless i crank the volume to well above casual listening levels. I think the draw is likely in the margin of error. As a result the total wh used is likely wrong. Since this is a lithium it could be the fact that lithium voltage doesnt sag in the same way an SLA would.

I am getting my first 12v battery for the ham shack. Its a 12v 15a bioenno power lithium iron (LiFePO4) battery. Looking forward to using it as my new power supply. My current desktop supply is 23a with a 25a peak. This battery is 30a with a 60a peak. Much better. My 7300 can pull up to 21a so i only had 2a of head room. A bit tight if you ask me.

Field day 2020 has come and gone. It was a hell of a lot of fun. We ate lots of good food, made contacts and got to shoot the shit. When i got home i literally walked in the door, sat on the couch and slept for five hours. Havent even considered unpacking the 7300 yet. .

...- --- ...- --- / .-.. . - / .. - / .-. .- .. -.

Well, another day is dawning. Might check into the spiderweb net on 14.347 since im up.

Good evening all. Today was awesome. I got my programming software to read the radio from inside a windows virtual machine on an ubuntu host. So long windows, you will forever more be virtualized when i need you

PSA: To all ops. If you wish to work field day 2020 and wish to still get points transmit "CQC field day". The "c" would stand for commercial power. This would allow ops to know before the QSO that the other party is a class D station. The ARRL doesnt want to relax the rules on class D during the pandemic. If you think this is a good idea please boost and spread the word on local nets.

Man, 10 meters is lit up like a Christmas tree tonight. Problem though. The radio is over their, but my bed is over here. First world problems FTW.

To all the ops here on . Check out this video from Ham Radio 2.0 (KC5HWB) on the 3.5 inch TGIF spot.

Here is an interesting article for all the ops out there. NASA put a secret message on the mars 2020 rover!

Well, just finished my most recent post. This weeks topic was . Being an op myself i found this topic of great interest.

Take a look at thos. I came across this while tryong to find out what frequencies was using. Picked up by an op in kentucky.

Okay, maybe some of the people would know this. I found an app on @fdroidorg called SatPredict. You have to use the two line elements (TLE). Do these get out of date after a while? The description mentioned automated TLE updates as a planned feature.

Got a qsl card from my first cw contact today!!! What does pse qsl and tnx qsl mean though?

Have any of the operators used these supplies? I have a 23A but figure with an hf adn vhf/uhf radio connected it may be time for an upgrade. Also do wires need special terminators for those round plugs?

I am seriously considering getting an icom ic-7300. Having the voice announcement of the s meter, operating mode, and frequency would be a major help. I also think a 4.3 inch touch display would lend very well to larger font sizes. The only problem is i dont have the $1.1k to get one. I would like to get one used in good condition with a trade of my yaesu ft897d w/ mars mod.

So, a couple of hams stopped by this morning at around 10 and installed a 10/20 meter end-fed half-wave with a loading coil that also lets it work on 40. Had to do the coax run twice because resistance was sky high. Made contact with canada and colorado after they left and had a really nice ragchew with them this evening. I can now run full 100 watts!

Well I got my 10 meter whip today. There seems to be a ton of noise though. On FM it registers as s+ but on ssb it doesn't show it with the RF-GAIN all the way open. Well, we shall see. We shall see.

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