@ataraxia937 radio and cell geek. The first set is your band i may have already asked this. If you turn off WiFi and make a call does the LTE icon stay, does it drop yo H+, 3G, or E? Or does the data network icon go away completely?

@ataraxia937 -110 is fine. Once it drops to ~-120 you got to be a bit concerned. What LTE band? The cellmapper app from gplay or Aurora Store can tell you that. Phone bought from tmo or unlocked from big G?

@ataraxia937 hmm. Carrier 3g or 2g networks? If vzw open dialer and *#*#4636#*#* -> Phone Information -> Set Preferred Network Type dropdown TDSCDMA/WCDMA. But before that near the top is a "Signal Strength: -*dbm"

@FromtheAbyss while you are at it dive into internet privacy and data collection. You may get quizzed on that too

@Shawshank i think its because FB, Twitter and Google have to answer to US gov whereas TikTok doesnt. Kind of a we know you are safe because we made sure of it. We dont know about that other guy though. Next he might try to bann mastodon but that would really be a loosing battle

@codesections @Steinar yeah, frequently used would seriously defeat the point. I agree that i dont think i could trust the interpreter on the server end since emojis are different on platforms. Try it and u either get funny squares with lines in them or question marks. Maybe the UTF standard ones. But, then how would you know if the platform you created your account on replaced standard UTF or of the server understood or if your other device speaks ths same set

@codesections @Steinar how would that work on desktop/laptop. IDK if most even know how to access emoji on win10, Linux, or mac

@ataraxia937 thats odd. How is your cell signal? What carrier? Does it do it in multiple places or just one? Have you tried resetting network settings? Tried changing to your carriers 3g or 4g network? VoLTE enabled?

This is called KISS launcher from @fdroidorg
KISS Launcher (A blazingly fast launcher focused on search) - f-droid.org/packages/fr.neamar

Currently playing with . It is nice, but I still don't think it's an replacement for me.

Sniffle sniffle, cry cry. is releasing before devs are ready. It has only been in beta for months. Devs are upset because they won't get on launch day lists. Get over yourselves. It's called life.

@FromtheAbyss eeeeeh. Back in my day games were on a board... You kids and your new fangled technology

What do you wear to bed?

@FromtheAbyss this is gunna sound gross. Run a warm bath and submerge your ears to soften any wax then use an ear vac to pull it out

@M0YNG i got to 30.5 hours of run time before abandoning the test

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@M0YNG kt says 1a but i think its prob closer to 0.5 unless you set it at max vol

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