@Mayana @n0btc i think its either megadon running v3.2.1 and dragonscave running 3.2.0 or madtodon vs hometown

@Mayana @n0btc i did. Setup alias on dragons cave, logged into megadon to move. No dice. It tells me that dragons cave account isnt an alias. However, i know it is cause i set it up

@Mayana @n0btc it keeps saying my new account isnt an alias of the old one. But it is, i set it up

Remember, i have moved instances. This account will be removed on 11/30. If you could please follow me @n0btc. thanks

Helli to all you wonderful people. I have moved to my new account @n0btc. if you could please follow me over their as i will be shutting down megadon at the end of the month.

@jasminemary absolutely. When you find another instance give me a follow. My new handle is in my recent toots

@Gargron i may have found a bug. I am admin of megadon.net but will be closing my instance and moving. However the transfer tool keeps telling me that my new account isnt an alias for this one. Even after i set up the alias in the new account. Thought it may be because of admin status. I created a second admin account but cant demote this one to a standard user

@stuts ive had librepay setup for months. Its okay. I will just do the move thing and everything should go over. All my followers and follows

I regret to say this but i must shutter the instance at the end of November 2020. My work situation has changed due to COVID and i no longer have the spare funds to run the instance. It has been a pleasure to be able to do so. Please find new homes before the end of November.

Thanks again,
Megadon Admin

Where do cats go to pray? 

The cat-lic church

@FromtheAbyss i did find out that WCCO-AM is the Primary Entry Point (PEP) station for Minnesota. This means that FEMA requires them to have backup power for 30 days on the air.

@FromtheAbyss well, with no internet or power for 50 miles would likely kill the FM radio dial. I would suggest a good pocket AM radio because an outage that large would likely be national news. Since daytime AM can go between 100 to 200 miles you would be able to listen to distant stations. You could listen for hundreds of miles at night. Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, New York, etc.

@FromtheAbyss what if zombies invaded your apartment building? What would you do? Or maybe, how would you get news if your power went out in a 50 mile radius of you without the internet and your phone?

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