To all the ops here on . Check out this video from Ham Radio 2.0 (KC5HWB) on the 3.5 inch TGIF spot.

@FromtheAbyss depends on how higj up you are. Otherwise blinds, curtains or blankets



@Tutanota hey, thank you guys. As a blind user we are odten overlooked. Not on purpose mosr rimes. Just that devs dont think we will ever use their products.

Here is an interesting article for all the ops out there. NASA put a secret message on the mars 2020 rover!

covid-19, amateur radio, social distancing 

So, yesterday i discovered . I have known of its existance for a while, but had never tried it.

@YamiShimigami wwlcome to mastodon! I suggest writing a post so people can get to know you.

@FromtheAbyss no clue. I dont think that will work well with the delay online

@FromtheAbyss horde of zombies gives that away. Yeah, i get where you are coming from

@FromtheAbyss yeah, login, click preferences or settings, export and download follows lost. On new same thing except click import

We have 19 confirmed cases in my county. Not the worst, but not great either.

@FromtheAbyss remember, you can export your follows list from main btw

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