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I am seriously considering getting an icom ic-7300. Having the voice announcement of the s meter, operating mode, and frequency would be a major help. I also think a 4.3 inch touch display would lend very well to larger font sizes. The only problem is i dont have the $1.1k to get one. I would like to get one used in good condition with a trade of my yaesu ft897d w/ mars mod.

@freemo isn't your qt feature a lot like Twitter rt? Reason it wasn't built into masto was so I couldn't quote a post and b like "how dumb is this?" To my followers

Well, today megadon is 2 months old. In that time we have gained 35 users. We hope to be able to serve the community for a long time to come.

Was just checking out for from facial recognition. Considering getting a pair. What do u guys think?

@fedilab absolutely wonderful! 2.29.0 stopped the jumping, fixed the visibility of the toot message and labeled the more menu next to the profile pic correctly. Only 2 things I see are the tabs to the right of "all" in notification area don't read and the visibility icon says "unlabeled" instead of public, unlisted, followers only or direct

say hello to the final iteration of the new banner found at

Anyone know why my filter isnt working? I set one up for "politics" but a post with the cw title of "UK politics" came through.

@fedilab i found another talkback issue. When you open a users profile the button to follow/unfollow reads "Make an action" no matter what state the button is in

creator sneed mobile tech discusses how you can make your phone battery last longer.

Any ideas as to why when i am uploading files to my it uploads like 3 and then stops until i change screens in the android app? Doing it from the wrb interface works fine though

Well, its cold af today. Not going anywhere.

Good morning all. Here are Megadon's dashboard stats for the week.

@fedilab i have some UI/UX tweaks you may want to run polls with your users and see what they think. How should i submit those since they arent bugs?

Any easy way to move a install from /var/www/html to /var/www/html/nextcloud? I tried a cp -R but it broke with a server error

Hey @fedilab. i noticed that when using talkback the phrase visibility of the toot is always appended to the end. It should either say nothing about it or be changed to public, unlisted, followers, etc. Here is an example. *Christopher M0YNG, @M0YNG, Visibility of the toot"

So, is it safer to install an custom rom on your phone? Or is itvbetter to use the OEM rom? With a custom rom you have to unlock the bootloafer and then you always get that message at boot saying its not safe. Does unlocking the bootloader subvert the disk encryption?

You know, as a platform has really impressed me. Who would have imagined that a federated, opens source social network could take on the likes of . Not only do we take on twitter every day but we win as well. Enough people are here to foster conversations and express different opinions that we don't need them. People who would sew discontent aren't allowed to get a foothold. The admin/mod teams care about the community they are building or have built.

Here at megadon we are happy to be sponsoring great content from Keep up the great work.

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