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Man, 10 meters is lit up like a Christmas tree tonight. Problem though. The radio is over their, but my bed is over here. First world problems FTW.

Hey, welcome to all the new megadon users. Any questions, ask. Any problems, report. Most importantly, enjoy!

To all the ops here on . Check out this video from Ham Radio 2.0 (KC5HWB) on the 3.5 inch TGIF spot.


Drinking at noon. Rum and coke ftw. 1 can coke, small amount of rum and a metal reusable straw.

Here is an interesting article for all the ops out there. NASA put a secret message on the mars 2020 rover!

So, yesterday i discovered . I have known of its existance for a while, but had never tried it.

We have 19 confirmed cases in my county. Not the worst, but not great either.

@FromtheAbyss remember, you can export your follows list from main btw

Omg. A scene in a book got me laughong so hard i had tears. Its called "colonization--aftershocks" by harry turtledove.

@Tusky is there a trending hashtags section in tusky? If so where?

According to an email i got there is an sale on until April 20th.

Well, just finished my most recent post. This weeks topic was . Being an op myself i found this topic of great interest.

Man, today id a s***ty day. Temp has been dropping all day ahead of a cold front, winds ~35 mph, and rain. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

Morning everyone. Just another day in paradise right


Wanted a rum and coke. Went out, got the rum, and came home. Poured my drink. About half way through my drink i remembered why i dont drink much. Its nasty AF, that's why. A lesson i will need again in another 3 to 6 months. Last one was july of 2019.

Girl responds to Love Yourself by Justin Bieber - Yo Preston | Kelly Kiara 


Oh fun, there are 12 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in my home state. First was March 6th and as of March 11th there were 12. Fast spread

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