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Thanks to @freemo there will be a lot more content in the megadon fedi timeline. Thanks for that great list of relays!

Well, another day is dawning. Might check into the spiderweb net on 14.347 since im up.

the image determines if i'm going to fav. the image description determines if i'm going to boost

@kathryn hey, you seem like you may be new. Welcome to the fediverse. Glad to have you with us

@ConnyDuck could we have a setting in tusky to download all new posts instead of the newest and a read more?

I just made 3 qsos on 10m. Had to work for em but I got em

Well, looks like the economy is recovering well from covid. Now we just need to recover our sanity and properties from the riots.

Well, that was fun. T-Mobile went down about noon yesterday and was up and down until 1AM. somebody pulled the wrong damn Ethernet cable I bet.

cat cuteness ahead 

I am NOT liable for injury due to the following cat photo.

Installed GrapheneOS on my pixel 3a xl earlier. Currently getting all my apps back but so far I like this a lot! I got VOLTE and WIFI Calling back too.

What would a cellular network be worth to you if it could guarantee signal whever their map showed?

Hey @protonmail how is it coming with getting rid of GCM for notifications? I am seriously considering switching to @Tutanota. Their notifications work, they are on @fdroidorg and they seem to be more responsive to bug reports.

I heard Alex Jones on shortwave last night

Think im gunna buy the tecsun pl660 AM/SSB portable radio with a wire antenna for shortwave listening

Have a gander at this... Its called KISS launcher on @fdroidorg
KISS Launcher (A blazingly fast launcher focused on search) -

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