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This is annoying. I have to pay for an uber to go get a covid test and then pay to get back home. Ugh

Moving is a pain. It will be worth it though. Just got into a decent apartment

Nerdy flirting line, sexual 

Just call me metadata because I want to get stripped

Hmmm... Open source apps or platforms. Do those even exist?

Had an interview today. I felt like it went really well. The email i got yesterday said they thought it would take about 20 minutes. It went for an hour and a half.

So I don't know much about and terminal commands and all that techie jazz.

But I do see one ☝️ big advantage in installing using the terminal window: I get none of the misleading images, buttons and links common on many download sites that try to trick you into clicking on their download "buttons", making you think that they're the way to get your .

None of those trickster that pretend to be a legit part of the page or article that you're viewing! 😜👍

Okay, so i can get WHO AM 1040 from Des Moines most every night quite well. I am really enjoying listening to it too. Thinking of getting the Sangean HDR-18 because it supports the new HD radio tech and has ports for external antennas for AM/FM

Alright. It appears i can get WHO 1040 AM from Des Moines and WBZ 1030 AM from Boston on a regular basis once the sun sets.

I am currently listening to WHO 1040 AM from Des Moines IA. This is in my basement bedroom on a pocket radio. The station is 381 miles west of me and is coming in extremely well @FromtheAbyss

Okay, to keep megadon going into the future i have set up a . The donate link can be found on the server rules page as well as right here.

The synthesized voices you sometimes get in EDM/DnB mixes to sound robotic or whatever?

...They are exactly the ones I'm used to from the screenreader software I use for uni. So every time I hear one I don't think "oh how robotic or cool or futuristic" I think "this is the sound of HOMEWORK."

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⚠️ WARNING: Using FOSS can have a harmful effect on large corporations and reduce their influence on your life, or even bankrupt them.

#FOSS #FLOSS #opensource #libre #privacy #security #Linux #Microsoft #Windows #Apple #MacOS #iOS #Google #Facebook #Instagram #Amazon


I was first licensed back in the 90s, but got busy with life and let my license lapse. A few years ago, I got interested again (seems common), so I got my license again and upgraded to general.

I bought my first HF rig this month, but it sits in a box until I get a chance to build an antenna. I'm planning on building a fan dipole for the attic.

Also interested in digital radio and all things Linux. I run nothing but Linux now for computers and phone. \m/

I am getting my first 12v battery for the ham shack. Its a 12v 15a bioenno power lithium iron (LiFePO4) battery. Looking forward to using it as my new power supply. My current desktop supply is 23a with a 25a peak. This battery is 30a with a 60a peak. Much better. My 7300 can pull up to 21a so i only had 2a of head room. A bit tight if you ask me.

Listening to wrmi on 9.395MHz also, i still exist

I just bought a radioddity GD77 and i am going to install the opengd77 firmware and make it blind friendly!!!!!!

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